ETAD Laboratory at Calit2 - UC Irvine

PICARD (Patient Initiated Controlled Analgesic Recording Dispenser)

PICARD (Patient Initiated Controlled Analgesic Recording Dispenser)

PICARD ensures prescription opioid drugs are correctly dispensed to a patient and tracks the drug’s use and effectiveness. Click this slide to learn more.

Virtual Agents

Virtual Agents

Virtual agents recognize verbal communication and user interaction to better attend a patient's emotions, motivations, needs, and moods.

Bash the beast

Bash the Beast

“Bash the Beast” is a digital board game that encourages better Type 1 Diabetes management for kids. Click this slide to learn more.

The research group for Engaging Technology and Application Design (ETAD) at The California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2) at The University of California, Irvine conducts collaborative research in assistive and educational technologies such as health and energy informatics by designing, implementing, and evaluating user-centric digital applications. ETAD develops technology-based innovations in a multidisciplinary research environment. By integrating academic research with industry experience, the lab supports Calit2 to benefit society, incubate new technology companies and ignite economic development.

ETAD provides outstanding partnering opportunities for industrial, institutional, public and community entities seeking to leverage world-class research for innovative technology applications. ETAD and Calit2 welcome partnerships to create value together through collaboration. ETAD provides outstanding opportunities for students to join real world projects. This is a valuable opportunity for students to experience hands on learning as a key asset to their curriculum.


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